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Hi! I'm Lolly, the woman behind The Greener Gift. I'm so glad you're here!

I could go through this site speaking in third person and leading you to believe that this is a bigger show than it really is, but that doesn't feel authentic to me and you deserve better than that. For now, The Greener Gift is a "one woman show" but in reality, I can't do it without help from my amazing friends, loved ones, and this incredible community (YOU included!)

UPDATE: There's more to come soon on this - but for now, I thought it important for you to know that our longtime supporter (and my best friend) Ashley has joined the Team and is a part of The Greener Gift crew now too!!

I am passionate about living consciously and showing people that making greener, conscious life choices is accessible and feasible for everyone. I believe that balance is necessary for sustainability and that although we must all do our part to better ourselves and our world, we cannot do everything – and that’s okay!

What started as a way to minimize my impact on the earth and avoid using gift wrapping paper has grown into a devotion to education, inspiration, and supporting others in making more conscious choices that prioritize humanity and our planet.

I love sharing this journey with all of you and writing our story together. While I am always learning more to bring that information to you, if there is ever a question you may have or a topic you'd like me to cover, please don't hesitate to reach out, I'm only an email away.


Values & Beliefs

The Greener Gift is centered around Living Consciously in order to care for our planet, ourselves, and our fellow inhabitants of Earth. What does this mean? This means that doing good, learning more, and being better is fundamental to the entire business and is embedded into every facet.

Conscious Living Definition

The Greener Gift is dedicated to activism - the business is fundamentally based around making change. Making change often includes being outspoken, vocal, and loud. Although much of The Greener Gift's activism is focused on social change, this work consistently goes hand-in-hand with politics, and for that reason, this platform will never be a "politics free zone." I will remain non-partisan with regard to refraining from directly referencing a preference to any political parties, however, I will adamantly stand by the Values & Beliefs that The Greener Gift prioritizes.

Read on to learn The Greener Gift stance on:


Mission & Vision

To inspire a world where we prioritize humanity and our planet.

To educate, inspire, and empower our global community to make conscious choices, and prioritize humanity and our planet whenever possible.


We plan to achieve these goals through two avenues:
1. by creating earth-friendly textile goods designed to make greener living more fun, easy, and accessible
2. encouraging folks through our educational avenues to adapt and improve their habits and live more consciously and sustainably